StockViews 2014 Stock Challenge

The rules are:
  • You must be signed up as a member of StockViews (you can sign up free by clicking the signup button on top).

  • You must create a rating together with a sensible comment for at least 3 different stocks. The comment made must relate to the stock in question. Failure to provide a sensible comment may result in disqualification. (Select a stock using the search bar, then enter your rating and comment in the 'Trading Room' panel).  

  • Performance will be measured from January 2 2014 at 9.30am EST until December 31 2014 at Midnight. Members may enter the competition prior to January 2 and create their stock ratings but performance prior to January 2, 2014 will not be counted. You may change the status of your ratings (Buy, Sell, Neutral) at any time.

  • Performance for the month will be measured relative to the S&P500 according to the StockViews methodology, as described in "How It Works". Cumulative performance for the month will be displayed on the "Leaderboard" on this page from January 2

  • To be eligible the three ratings must be created before midnight EST on December 31 2014 when the competition ends.

  • The winner of the competition will be the eligible competitor who has the highest performance score for the year (as displayed on this page). The winner will be confirmed on January 2 2015 at 9am EST.
17 Colin Lea Follow -1.5%
23 Sandeep Follow -3.1%
27 JD Follow -7.6%
28 Carl Follow -7.7%
32 Joe Follow -14.6%
34 Josh Maher Follow -15.6%